5 Faves of the Moment

I decided to bring back an oldie but goodie and brighten up the place. There is always something to be happy about no matter how sad you’re feeling. Celebrate the small wins, the countless Blessings many of us take for granted, so without further adieu my 5 faves of the moment.

  • Marc Jacob Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara – This mascara is literally EVERYTHING & more, Influenster sent it over to me in December and it has become a holy grail for me. My lashes look bomb with one coat.


16 - 1

  • Rihanna’s Anti album – I’m literally obsessed! I spent the first week listening nonstop, the only reason I took a break was because Beyoncé released a song. I was about to list my favorite tracks, then somehow listed the entire album and that says a lot for me – so take a listen.


  • My co workers Anna & Kym – being the new person is always difficult and since I’m alone in a California I’m always wondering how I will meet new people. Luckily at my new job (which I absolutely love btw) I met a lot of great people, but I immediately clicked with these two. Plus they agree to do these silly videos on snapchat with me.
  • Sky & Palm tree pics – LOL, yes I’m THAT girl. I love taking pictures of the sky and palm trees. California never disappoints, I really just love taking pictures, but I take at least 5 pictures a week of the sky, or palm trees. The little things . . .

Last, but definitely not LEAST . . .

  • Riviera Maya, Mexico – aka the location of my birthday trip thanks to my sister Ashley. This trip is definitely needed, and I’m beyond excited. I have been to Mexico, but never to this place and from the pictures it’s beyond beautiful. We have so much planned and I start an extensive diet tomorrow morning. I need to bring in my 27th birthday looking better than ever. I will definitely be vlogging this trip!


I have a post coming up next Monday in collaboration with Rover.com that will be perfect for pet lovers in Southern California.

Have a lovely week!

– India Clayton http://southernbelleinla.com/5faves-of-the-moment/

I’m not broken

Moving to California was his idea, but I was fully supportive and excited about a brand new environment. I loved it here when I moved here, but I was stressed out beyond belief with no real friends, family, and only my boyfriend (at the time) to lean on. I spent almost everyday praying for the right job where I would actually be happy and not continue to be stressed like I was, but it didn’t happen right away. Friends were far and few in this new place and I kept everything inside. I literally spent my free time watching Netflix and Hulu, or walking my dog. We used to talk about all of the things we would do, places we would eat, and road trips to surrounding areas. None of that happened, we barely went on dates yet alone spent quality time together anymore and according to him I was taking the easy way out. He had the job he wanted, his close friends lived nearby in Vegas and he could always take a drive if he needed to feel something familiar. I worked from home with no human contact and no coworkers to grow close to. I was searching for my happiness, but the one person who was supposed to be there for me was shutting me out.

How do you know how someone feels about you? Wait for the breakup . . . every single thing they never told you will suddenly be thrown in your face. All of their family and friends who they claimed liked you will actually never have liked you at all. They will say you never did anything for them and they will say you weren’t there for them. Nevermind the hours you spent searching for them a job in LA when you weren’t even apart of that equation at the time. None of that will matter. Someone can talk about marriage and a future with you, then tell you the opposite. Life is crazy.

I always see a little quote graphic that says “Don’t let everyone use you, but God!” This hits home so much right now because I feel like I’m ALWAYS there for anyone who needs me, but when I need someone I hear about it later, or they don’t come through. People will literally never give up on anything else until it comes to you. Five whole years down the drain and I’m left with photographs and alone in a state across the country from everyone who truly loves me. The worst thing is to see the person who you were down for do everything they were supposed to do with you with everyone else.

So many things have happened in the past few months that I almost questioned how great of a person I was and that I deserve the world and every darn thing in it. If it wasn’t for God I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through. I love California, I love my job, and I love a man who gave up on me. I’m not broken . . . just bent.

– India Clayton http://southernbelleinla.com/im-not-broken/



Today is the last day of the year, can you believe it 2015 is really over? This was a trying year for me where I experienced huge disappointments, but even greater Blessings. I learned so many lessons about strength, friendship, and love, but there is no doubt in my mind that God was the ONLY reason I made it through this year unscathed. I experienced enough hurt to last a lifetime, but still managed to end this year on a great note.

I enjoyed much needed family time this past week and packed it all into a vlog. I hope you guys enjoy! Have a safe NYE, SEE YOU IN 2016!

– India Clayton http://www.southernbelleinla.com

Home for the Holidays

Greetings from Atlanta!

I flew in late Saturday night to be greeted by a 45 minute baggage wait in the world’s busiest airport. A smile crept across my face as I stared at the Welcome to Atlanta sign with Mayor Kaseem Reed smiling big and bright. I immediately felt a sense of home, the South where the smiles aren’t forced and come naturally. My stomach began to growl as if it almost sensed good food was near,or maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten a morsel of food in hours,but whatever the case I knew I needed to get out of the airport and get food. I whipped out my camera because I am determined to vlog this trip and update my YouTube a lot more frequently. I finally made my way to the exit where my family was parked and waiting for me and opened the door to a huge gust of wind, I was definitely not in Southern California anymore.


My mom helped me put my luggage in the car and we were off to Waffle House. I was beyond excited to be surrounded by people who love and care about me, but I was just excited for my waffle and bacon! I think you have to be from the south to appreciate the greatness that is Waffle House, most locations are quaint and strike you as nothing more than a truck stop restaurant, but this modest restaurant offers some amazing breakfast food. I called my order in because it was almost 1:00 am and I knew I shouldn’t really be eating at this hour,but sometimes you have to live a little.

Snapchat-5422784957988124517 Snapchat-8947642603726859848

The past few days have been great thus far despite me missing my dog Dorii. I have gone to late night happy hours, shopping for Christmas gifts, and just soaking in family time before I head back to California.

Snapchat-2382419345346810329 Snapchat-2522148351140773274

Snapchat-2603359962121889622 Snapchat-880433189172565148

I hope you guys have an amazing holiday and spend it with the people who love, appreciate, and accept you for you. Remember life is short and to give people their flowers while they’re here! I’m a little in my feelings because today marks three years since my Grandma was taken away from us from Cancer.

Happy Holidays!!!

Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood

Last Saturday we made our way out to Universal City for the opening day of Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood. We arrived a little after the park opened giving us an ample amount of time to enjoy the park without a huge crowd. The park was beautifully decorated and full of Christmas decorations, Whoville characters, and enough Christmas trees to supply a small town. I was a little disappointed that we came too early to experience the beautiful lights at night, but I still had an amazing time. We decided to do the Studio Tour first because it tends to have the longest wait times in the entire park. The wait time was at 20 minutes when we arrived and we snagged a seat on the tram fairly quickly to embark on the studio tour. They added a special Grinchmas performance for the holiday season starring the Whoville characters with a grand finale of Mr.Grinch himself.

This was my fourth time at Universal Studios since purchasing the season pass, so I’m pretty acquainted with all of the rides with my favorites being The Mummy and Transformers. I would definitely recommend arriving to the park early during themed events where people typically go at night to get the full effect. If you don’t mind missing out on the full decor to experience a fairly empty park and shorter wait times you should definitely take advantage of this time. We had an amazing time, ate churros, and I took plenty of pictures to share. I love to visit holiday themed attractions and can’t wait to visit more before the new year.

Checkout my pictures from Grinchmas and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.



‘Tis the Season, Hello December

IMG_20151118_152054I decided December would be the perfect time to end my blog hiatus, so here I am back like I never left. I know I left on somewhat of a dramatic note, but someone wise once said,”When you gotta go, you gotta go.” I was a little vague with the reason for my blog departure, but there’s no perfect way to say that I was having somewhat of an emotional breakdown after a breakup with the man I moved across the country and spent the last five years of my life with. My love life is nonexistent to say the least, but luckily everything else is falling into place for me.

December has always been one of my favorite months because I absolutely love the holiday season! I love the smell of holiday baked goods, the beautiful decorations, and all of the Christmas cheer. I wait all year long to watch the corny Hallmark Christmas movies where you can figure out the ending within the first five minutes of the movie. I enjoy sipping on hot chocolate or Martinelli’s Sparkling apple cider with a big smile on my face as I stare at my carefully decorated Christmas tree. This year I decorated a tiny table-top Christmas tree from Target instead of going all out, but although my tree is lacking in size it’s still pretty darn fab.


I’m beyond excited for all of the Blessings December has in store for me and I welcome them with open arms. Happy December loves!




Sorry . . .

I want to apologize to the people who actually take the time to read my blog posts! I know I haven’t fully dedicated the time and effort I should and definitely want to be putting out on my blog. The past few months have been one of the most trying times in my adult life and I don’t want to post a whole lot of draining posts on heartbreak and other things people aren’t trying to read from me, so I will just take a break until I figure out my life. I’ll be back soon!

xo India

Vlog : Ashley & Corie Visit Pt. 1, Bowling, K1 Speed & Universal Studios

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to share this blog with you! I told you about my sister Ashley and her boyfriend Corie’s visit to LA in my previous blog – well here is Part 1 of my Vlog. We had so much fun and I hope it shows throughout the vlog. Check it out!!! If you haven’t please subscribe to my Youtube channel as well.

My sister came to town!

1Hi Everyone!!!

I have been neglecting my blog again due to work being soooo hectic. I am currently working on two breast cancer walks for San Diego and Orange County so I’m beyond excited to be involved.


My little sister Ashley and her bf Corie came to visit during the last week of June. They were supposed to arrive on a Wednesday afternoon, but missed their flight and came on Thursday instead. We lost a full day and decided to pack in as much as possible in the 4 days we still had and we had a blast. We went bowling, to the movies to see the movie Dope, Universal Studios, shopping on Melrose, shopping at the Beverly Center, to the gun range, ziplining, anddddd to Newport Beach. I did as much vlogging for my Youtube channel as I could, so I’m currently editing my two part vlog.

I had the most amazing time ziplining at Skull Canyon Ziplines with the most amazing guides Cyrus and Mike. If you’re in California I would most definitely recommend going there. The location was beautiful, awesome views, clean, water throughout the tour, and all around awesome with friendly staff.

Check out my pictures from their visit and stay tuned for my vlogs (: